Investor Education

Any Institutional, Corporate or Individual investor can invest in the Mombe Mari Unit Trust.

The minimum investment in The Mombe Mari Unit Trust is one (1) unit, which represents 100kg of live cattle. This will be valued at the last Valuation Point prior to investment.

Currently, there are 13 000 Units available for investment in The Mombe Mari Unit Trust. This equates to 1.3 million kg’s of live cattle.

A Subscription Form (available on the Silverback website) or by email request from is required to be completed to initiate your investment. Payment of the subscribed amount is due and payable to the Trustees (Cabs Trustee Services) on application to the following bank account:

Mombe Mari Unit Trust
Account: 1130330370

Upon completion and lodging of the Subscription Form and paying of the investment amount to the Trustees, the Management Company will advise you of the alloted units. Pending the issue of the investment certificate, the funds will be held in trust. Any units not allotted will be refunded.

At the time you invest in The Mombe Mari Unit Trust you will receive an investment certificate which states the number of units you have invested in and the value of your initial investment. You will receive a monthly statement of your account which will indicate the initial investment, valuation movements, interest accruals and capital redemptions.

Your investment in The Mombe Mari Unit Trust is expected to earn 8% per annum, compounded. The interest is payable annually in Kg’s of live cattle, at the valuation point just prior to the annual interest declaration. The interest earned will be credited to your account as a fractional unit.

Each investment into the Trust will attract a 1% fee on investment.

Your investment is redeemable at any time you chose after an initial holding period of 3 months. On redemption, a 2% redemption fee is payable.

Yes you can chose to redeem part of your investment, provided the redemption equates to whole units and not fractional units.

Investments acquired in The Mombe Mari Unit Trust may be acquired for the purpose of selling, transferring, granting, issuing or transfering interest in, or options over, in accordance with the provisions of the Companies and Other Business Entities Act (Chapter 24:31), at the consent of the Management Company.

The Trust is valued at each Valuation Point, which is on a Wednesday every 2 weeks. The price which determines the unit value of your investment is the latest weighted average CC Sales Auction price per Kg. The Valuation Point is published on the Silverback Website the day after each Valuation Point.

The Trust is an open ended Trust. This means there is no limit to how the Trust assets can grow.

The existing herd comprises of approximately 300 heifer calves to date, 700 weaner heifers and 250 yearling heifers. The natural organic weight growth of this young breeding stock together with the annual calving from these heifers and existing breeding cows increases the overall herd weight and hence kg’s available to be ceded to the Trust.

In addition, each new business seeking to grow their cattle breeding operations will cede all or part ownership of their herd to the Trust depending on their capital requirements. This increases available Kg’s in the Trust for investment.

Therefore, further Kg’s of live cattle available for investment will be determined by the the appetite for development and the requirements for capital deployment.

The Mombe Mari Unit Trust owns 5 300 head of cattle. The herd weight as at 30.11.2021 was 1.9 million kg’s. 1.3 million kg’s of this herd is available for investment in the Trust.

The 5 300 head of cattle are managed by Fabwell Farming (Private) Limited on three separate ranches in Zimbabwe, Dubane (Gwanda) 33 000 ha, Maphaneni (Kezi) 19 000 ha, Landsend (Norton) 5500 ha. Dubane and Maphaneni are leased from Cold Storage Commission (CSC) and Landsend is a privately leased farm. All leases are long term leases.